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Friday, July 10, 2009

Remember GEMCO?

1986 picture. That location (4707 Pacific Ave) is now TARGET. I Sure Miss GEMCO. I literally grew up in that store!


Blogger Alfred D'Adda Jr. said...


I am sitting here with my mom in Texas and I am surfing the web just looking for old memories from Stockton.
When I came across your GEMCO p[age on a Google search I was floored. As you stated on your page you grew up there I did the same my friend. to me it seemed to be the predecessor to Wal-Mart and Target.
I was also looking for Shakey's pizza and the last time I saw one was in LA while on R&R from Iraq to see my dad. Those potatoes were the best.
Anyway just want to say thanks for putting up your site good times.
Oh yeah do you have any photos of Christmas Tree lane? I remeber that as a big deal when I was a kid we'd go out looking for Santa with no luck.LOL.

Thanks again.

Al D'Adda

1:47 PM  

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