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Thursday, March 12, 2009

VIRGIN MEGASTORE in San Francisco To Close/ Watt Avenue TOWER RECORDS sign comes down!

While it is not exactly a STOCKTON MEMORY, It is still a bit sentimental about it because they both relate to myself and my late best friend, BRIAN LOWES. 2 weeks ago, VIRGIN MEGASTORE announced they were going out of business. Their SACRAMENTO Store closed back in 2005, but the remaining stores including the one on Market Street in SAN FRANCISCO are now liquidating their merchandise with stores closing in Late April. Virgin opened in San Francisco 14 years ago and was one of the many stops on our trips to S.F.

And the other bit of news is that the Historic TOWER RECORDS neon sign on their Watt Avenue Store in SACRAMENTO is being removed and donated to the SACRAMENTO HISTORY MUSEUM. This was TOWER's first free standing store which opened in 1960 and closed on DECEMBER 22, 2006. That store is still vacant, however the old Tower Store on Broadway Street is now a R5 RECORDS store, owned by RUSS SOLOMAN, Former Owner of TOWER RECORDS. The Former Tower in my hometown of STOCKTON, has been a RASPUTIN MUSIC/MOVIES since APRIL 28, 2007.


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